Geothermal Research Projects

For more information about projects please contact or visit the TUDelft repository


Finished Master Theses

  • Bunter Reservoir Quality for Geothermal Applications
  • Heterogeneity determination of the Delft subsurface for heat flow modelling
  • Energy analysis of the use of geothermal energy and carbon capture, transportation and storage in underground aquifers
  • comprehensive reservoir quality assessment of Buntsandstein sandstone reservoirs in the West Netherlands Basin for geothermal applications in Zuid-Holland
  • The reutilization of hydrocarbon Exploration and production wells for economic geothermal heat production
  • Optimization of geothermal well doublet placement
  • The effect of dissolved methane on subsurface flow for heat production from geothermal aquifers
  • Study of the lower cretaceous sands in the Van den Bosch geothermal energy concession
  • Static aquifer modelling of a Rotliegend Aeolian Sandstone for the koekoekspolder Geothermal Project
  • The influence of fractures on geothermal heat production in the Roer Valley Graben
  • A Laboratory study of radio frequency identification for hydrocarbon and geothermal applications
  • The influence of facies heterogeneity on the doublet performance in low-enthalpy geothermal sedimentary reservoirs
  • Two-Scale Analysis of the effect of calcite dissolution in geothermal sandstone reservoirs: An experimental and numerical study
  • Synergy between geothermal and stranded oil fields to add value to geothermal projects
  • Monitoring of a geothermal field on west java, Indonesia, using coda-wave interferometry
  • Multiscale finite volume method for coupled single-phase flow and heat equations in fractured porous media: Application to Geothermal Systems
  • Effect of Thermal Shock on the Creation of Microfractures and Mechanical Properties of Various Volcanic Rock Types, including samples from the Indonesian Geothermal Field (Tangkuban Perahu)
  • Numerical Strategy for uncertainty quantification in low-enthalpy geothermal projects

Finished Bachelor Theses

  • Literature study on the thermo mechanical parameters
  • Multi-scale fault network of West Netherlands Basin
  • Cooling TU Delft by combining thermal energy from surface water and ATES
  • Deep geothermal potential of the Buntsandstein formation in the Netherlands
  • Energy capacity of geothermal reservoir
  • Uncertainty analysis of thermal recharge by free connection in geothermal reservoirs
  • Modelling of the influence of permeability contrast on the cold water plume development
  • Economical assessment of Dutch geothermal district heating doublet
  • Geothermal potential of the Triassic formation within the West Netherlands basin