2021: Upscaling the Heat Transition

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  • Opening by Rob Mudde (CvB TU Delft)
  • Phil Vardon (TU Delft) and Leendert-Jan Ursem (Hydreco Geomec)
    ‘Update on the DAP Well’
  • Ayla Reerink (Veegeo)
    ‘Microbiology in geothermal systems’
  • Denis Voskov (TU Delft)
    Modelling technologies for geothermal applications
  • Dirk Brinkgreve (Well Engineering Partners)
    ‘Geothermal Safety Systems to Enhance Social Acceptance and ‘Licence to Operate’ ‘
  • Frank Schoof (MRA)
    ‘Metropolitan Region Amsterdam Project’
  • Jaap de Keijzer and Marc van Someren (EZK)
    ‘Policy and regulations’
  • Lotti Klasen (Rabobank)
    ‘Financing geothermal energy projects in the Netherlands
  • Jan-Diederik van Wees (TNO)
    ‘Development of Marginal Fields’
  • Robin Hamersma and Rob Peters (Yeager Energy)
    ‘Dutch Geothermal Landscape – A Perspective from a New Entrant’
  • Wouter Kool (Eavor)
    ‘Eavor loop’


Interactive workshop hosted by

Coffee sponsored by KCA Deutag
Drinks sponsored by Sky Energy Partners

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In a world with an ever growing energy demand we are constantly looking to take the energy transition to the next level. The internal heat of the Earth can provide warmth and comfort in a sustainable and responsible manner. With the upcoming drilling of the DAP well at the TU Delft we are slowly moving towards realizing this ambition on campus.

During the DAP symposium 2021, a wide variety of speakers will touch on the major questions regarding the upscaling of the geothermal sector. Together with leading experts in the field of geothermal energy we will explore the possibilities and problems facing the sector whilst trying to upscale the heat transition! Together we will explore the future role for geothermal energy in our society.

Members of the organizing committee

Noor van Eimeren    External relations

   Myrthe Doesburg      Secretary & Promo

  Jelle Prins        Treasurer

Freek Smit       Chairman

  The Committee of Recommendation

  • Dr. rer. nat. M. (Maren) Brehme
  • Dr. P.J. (Phil) Vardon
  • Prof. Dr. D.F. (David) Bruhn
  • Ir. L.J.H. (Leendert-Jan) Ursem
  • Prof. Dr. R.J. (Ruud) Schotting
  • Ir. F.C. (Frank) Schoof
Contact us for more information by mailing DAPsymposium2021@gmail.com