Field trip Iceland

Field trip Iceland

For the course AESM2604, a geothermal field trip to Iceland will be organised by prof. dr. David Bruhn. During this field trip participants are going to see various steps and sites of geothermal power production in Iceland and learn more about historical and as well as about modern energy production technologies from geothermal heat. Students will learn about the development of geothermal power production: from investigating the geological system to power conversion.

Depending on industry developments, we will visit a deep geothermal drill site, most likely in the south-western part of Iceland. The geology of the region will be explored, including Þingvellir National Park in the rift valley between the North American and Eurasian Plates. Participants will see geothermal surface manifestations such as the famous Strokkur geyser and investigate exhumed geothermal systems in Geitafell, South Iceland.

Besides that the field trip is open for students who participate in the AESM2604 course, the field trip is also open for all interested parties with an affinity to geothermal energy. The field trip will be organized in week 23, from (+/-) June 5th until June 12th. The registration fee will be EUR 990.00, but we strive to give students a grant of at least EUR 300.00 per person, to lower their costs.

If you are interested in participating in this field trip, please send an e-mail to

At the end of February we will provide extra information about the trip and the final costs. Between March 1st and March 15th registration will be finalized.