Supervisory board

The main partners of Stichting DAP have the right to participate within the supervisory board (Raad van Toezicht) of the DAP foundation. The role of our Supervisory board is to give strategic advice on projects and research. Besides this the board has the financial control on the Stichting DAP group of entities.

Purpose :
• image
• sound and credible organization

Officers :
• Bas van Dun (Aardyn)
• Olmo Janssen (Provincie Zuid Holland)
• Herman Exalto (EBN)
• Anja Jolman (Eneco)
• Joop Roodenburg (Huisman)
• Koenraad Elewaut (ECW Netwerk)
• Leo Valkenburg (BNG Bank)
• President MV (MV)