Symposium 2019: Urban Heating

Last year’s edition of the DAP Symposium took place on March 12, 2019.

The 2019 symposium focused on the challenges and opportunities of supplying urban areas with geothermal energy. Currently, in The Netherlands, there exist several successful geothermal projects that are producing heat for greenhouses located in rural areas. With the allocation of a significant subsidy towards TU Delft in 2017, and the recent greenlight from the university board, the TU campus can and will be a pioneering project in the area of ‘urban geothermal heating’.

As today’s technology is improving, more opportunities arise to move the geothermal wells closer to the urban areas, where a high demand for heat is everlasting and large opportunities await. The aim of the 2019 symposium was to create awareness of the difficulties and the potential benefits of supplying urban areas with geothermal heat. The symposium intends to look into both technological and policy-based barriers, and seeks to promote new techniques that enable urban geothermal energy, and allow geothermal energy to compete within today’s energy market.

Links to the presentations from this symposium can be found below the photo’s.



Ans van den Bosch (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate): Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands

Eveline Rosendaal (EBN): Developing geothermal in the Netherlands

Phil Vardon (TU Delft): Update DAPwell, the campus geothermal well

Thaisa van der Woude (Witteveen+Bos): Heat Storage

Martin Bloemendal (TU Delft): 1 Opportunities and challenges for large scale HT-ATES systems

Johan Noordhoek (Gemeente Den Haag): Clean energy in The Hague

Erwin Knapek (Bundesverband Geothermie): Geothermal Urban Heating: The Greater Munich Area

Volkert de Ruiter (WEP): Geothermal drilling in an urban area

Alex Daniilidis (TU Delft): Upscaling Geothermal Heat: Synthetic Models Advising Field Development

Saskia Hagedoorn (Hydreco Geomec): Upscaling and professionalizing geothermal energy

Goda Perlaviciute (University of Groningen): Public acceptability of energy sources, systems and policies

Ivan Das (Rabobank): Integrating cities with geothermal energy, case study on financing

Luc Brugman (HVC): Investing in geothermal heat, towards a sustainable built environment

Andrea Moscariello (University of Geneva): The GEothermie2020 exploration program in canton of Geneva (CH) six years down the road: Opportunities and challenges