Field trip Italy 2017

This year a geothermal Field trip to Italy will be organised as a part of the geothermal MSc course. Last year the students went to Iceland to look to several geological outcrops and students went to geothermal power plants.

This year (2017) we are going to see the historic site of first geothermal power production at Larderello, learn about historical as well as about modern energy production technologies from geothermal heat. We will study a publicly accessible geothermal well and visit the geothermal museum to learn about the development of geothermal power production: from pioneering drilling technologies to modern drilling, old power plant protoptypes as well as active modern geothermal installations operated by Enel.
– The geology of the region will be explored, including the famous geothermal surface manifestations Biancane near Monterotondo Marittimo.
– On the island of Elba, students will learn what the heat source of a deep geothermal system looks like: the exhumed geothermal systems of the Monte Capanne monzogranite. We will look at the structures within the magma and the different intrusions of magmas. Participants will analyse the fossil geothermal system and mineralized structures: close to the heat source (Rio Marina) and “far” from it (the Zuccale normal fault).
– In addition, we will have the opportunity to learn about the mineralisations related to the hydrothermal activity at the Rio Marina museum (minerals and history of the mining activity). Rio Marina was the centre of Italy’s iron mining for more than 2000 years (abandoned in the 1980s); there will be a possibility to collect some pyrite samples in an abandoned quarry (this opportunity is a part of the museum ticket).

Reports of this field trip will be uploaded afterwards!


Larderello – Geothermal activity