Legal documentation

Stichting Delft Aardwarmte Project
Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft, The Netherlands

BTW:   818642300B02
RSIN:  8186.42.300
KVK:   27307367

Up until 2017, all financial transactions have been processed through the DAP B.V. As of 2018, after discussion with our shareholders (the “Founding Fathers“) the DAP BV has been liquidated. This enables DAP to achieve an ANBI status and further reduce administration costs, while the fiscal advantages of an ANBI status will make donations to DAP more attractive to supporting companies. The financial most recent financial results are those of 2019: Jaarrekening 2019 StichtingDAP

The articles of association or ‘statuten’ are published here; Statuten_DAP

Over the past 5 years, DAP has been financially supporting an extensive European funded geothermal research programme at the TU Delft. See also here: DAPP EFRO