12-12-2022 – Barbara statue placed at geothermal project TU Delft campus

Last Monday, a St. Barbara statue was placed at the geothermal well at the TU Delft campus to celebrate the drilling of the well’s conductor casing. As you might know, St. Barbara is the patron saint for many professions, including mining. Which is why Aardyn and Geothermie Delft placed the statue at the project. To further protect the project, the board of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging, together with employees of the project and students, sang the song Glück Auf.

However, this is not the official spud party as this will probably be held in March. More information will follow shortly!

[ThinkGeoEnergy] Greenhouse operator utilising geothermal wins prestigious government sustainability award in the Netherlands

Dutch greenhouse nursery company Amerlaan wins prestigious EZK Energy Award 2020 by the Netherland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK). The company was awarded for its sustainability efforts saving more than 25,000 tons of CO2 annually by using geothermal energy in its greenhouses. Read more

Europa stopt miljoenen subsidie in geothermie Zwolle, proefboring naar aardwarmte gaat door

De gemeente Zwolle gaat samen met bedrijvenconsortium RESULT, een proefboring starten naar geothermie, oftewel aardwarmte, in Zwolle Noord. De proefboring vergt een investering van ruim twintig miljoen euro en is mogelijk dankzij een Europese subsidie van ruim 5,6 miljoen euro. Europa investeert in het project omdat RESULT een nieuwe innovatieve boormethode voor aardwarmte gaat uitproberen in Zwolle. Lees meer

7th Geothermal Get-Together: 4 November 2020

The Geothermal Get-Together (GGT) is an initiative to bridge the emerging geothermal industry and university research, by the combination of a short seminar followed by informal discussions afterward. The GGT has contributions ranging from state of the art research to new policy to industry best practices. Please register here.

Delta: “Hoe de campus overschakelt op aardwarmte”

News message about the DAP project in the TU Delft campus: find it here!

Project awards for Geothermal Energy Research

Three new geothermal projects got awarded: REFLECT, SUCCESS and Nature’s Heat Seismic Monitoring More info on these projects can be found here.

Cooperation with German GFZ further strengthens geothermal research TU Delft

During a working visit of King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima to the German state of Brandenburg, TU Delft and the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) signed a memorandum of understanding concerning research into geothermal energy. Read more about it here.

5th Geothermal Get-Together takes place on the 4th of December 15:00

Location: Room G, Civil Engineering and Geosciences (Building 23), Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft
More info here

NRC: “Aardwarmte is de duurzame energie van de toekomst”

Meer huizen aangesloten op aardwarmte zal sneller zorgen voor een grotere rol van aardwarmte in de energietransitie. Lees hier meer!

Next Geothermal Get-Together takes place on the 27th of June

More info here

Programme DAP Symposium (January, 2019)

DAP symposium

DAP Symposium on the 12th of March (December, 2018)

On the 7th of January the ticket sale will start for DAP Symposium. This years edition will focus on Urban Heating.
Please visit the website of the DAP symposium for more information and tickets.

3rd Geothermal Get-Together (November, 2018)

During the Geothermal Get-Together the sponsorship for an Assistant/Associate Professor Geothermal Science and Engineering was announced. The next get-together will take place on April the 25th 2019. More information can be found here.

Update DAPwell by the TU Delft (July, 2018)

In July 2018, the Board of Delft University of Technology has made a decision-in-principle for a next step towards realising a geothermal well, called DAPwell. DAPwell will function as a living lab and be a focal point of deep geothermal research and education at TU Delft. Click here for more information.

Nationaal Congres Bodemenergy (In Dutch) (June 29th, 2018)

On the 29th of June the congress Bodemenergy in Utrecht takes place. The program of the day can be found here:

Programme Production
Programme Opslag

Geothermal get-together (March 19th, 2018)

Last Monday the first geothermal get-together took place at the department of Geoscience & Engineering at the TU Delft. Ongoing research, geothermal activity and the history of geothermal at the TU Delft have been presented. Also an update of the DAP Well is given and also what is going to happen at TU Delft in the future regarding geothermal energy.

The DAP board was present to give a presentation at this first get-together. More meetings will follow in the future where external people that are interested in Geothermal developments are welcome as well!

News from our Minister of Economic Affairs (February 14th, 2018)

In a recent letter of Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs we can read about his positive perspective on Geothermal Energy for the Netherlands. With his aim to reach the 15 petajoule in 2030! New investments should be encouraged!

You can find the letter of Minister Wiebes here. (in Dutch)

Presentation Parentday Applied Earth Sciences (December 9th, 2017)

On Saturday the 9th of December DAP was invited to give a presentation during the parent day of Applied Earth Sciences organized by De Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging. During that day the parents of first year students get more information about the study and what subjects are related to that. One of these is of course about the energy stored beneath our feet, Geothermal Energy.

In short a well-organized day with a lot of curious parents and interesting questions!

DAP seminar October 25th  (Oct 13th, 2017)

In cooperation with prof. David Bruhn, DAP would like to invite you for their next seminar on Wednesday the 25th of October.

This time, Domenico Liotta from the department of Earth sciences (University Bari), will give a presentation about:
“Geology as a basis for 100 years of continuous geothermal electricity generation at Larderello/Italy” 

The seminar will be held at the TU Delft, Faculty CitG – room 1.98 and starts at 16:00

Please click here for the abstract and invitation of the seminar:



45 million euro subsidy for geothermal heating at TU  (Sept 15th, 2017)

Dutch Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad published a short article today, announcing
a 45 million euro subsidy for the TU Delft towards the required investments for
low temperature heating in the renovation of the TU and student housing development. This is an important step towards the realisation of the geothermal doublet at the TU, and great news for DAP! See the article on our message board.

Eurenssa – Creating the sustainable city (July 26th, 2017)

On July 26th a presentation about geothermal energy in the Netherlands will be given at the Eurenssa interdisciplinary conference. Eurenssa stands for EURopean ENvironmental Sciences Student Association meeting. Eurenssa is a yearly conference and summer camp for students of environmental science and sustainable development. Eurenssa facilitates exchange of knowledge and skills across the boundaries of academic disciplines and nationalities to enable the upcoming generation of professionals to address the challenges associated with increasing urbanization and a changing climate.

Principebesluit Doublet TU (June 18th, 2017)

In late May, the Board of the TU Delft has given a go-ahead to continue with the plans for the development of the well. Although this is great news for the DAP project, we still need to wait for the moment a final decision will be taken on the future of the doublet. Some hurdles still need to be taken, a situation we’re familiar with by now. However,  everyone involved is still very enthusiastic about the project and we hope for even better news in the coming months!

Geothermal field trip Italy was a great success! (June 3rd, 2017)

From the 21st of May until the 26th of May a group of 22 people (students, postdoc, staff and alumni) from the TU Delft joined the geothermal field trip, which was organised by prof. dr. David Bruhn. After two days of visiting the famous geothermal Larderello field, we moved on to the island of Elba to view the geological setting of the analogue geothermal field in Larderello.

Steam at the surface – parco delle fumarole

Interested in participating on of the geothermal field trips? please contact

Seminar DARSim – Combining geothermal energy use with CO2 storage or (enhanced) oil/gas production

On the 19th of May, Prof. Martin Saar from ETH Zurich will give a lecture about the use of geothermal energy in combination with CO2 storage or oil/gas production. The Seminar will be in Room F at the faculty of CitG, TU Delft.

For more information, please visit:

This seminar is organised by Delft Advanced Reservoir Simulation.

Cees Willems succesfully defended his PhD thesis (May 3rd, 2017)

Today Cees Willems defended his PhD thesis: Doublet deployment strategies for geothermal Hot Sedimentary Aquifer exploitation. After 4 years, Cees performed a dissertation which was read with pleasure by the members of the committee. In the past years Cees was a enthousiastic member of the DAP foundation. DAP would like to congratulate Cees with obtaining his doctorate.

10 Year DAP!

On the 3rd of March, DAP celebrated its 1o year jubileum. The day started in the afternoon at the greenhouse farmer Ammerlaan. After a short presentation, all the participants could take a look at the installation of Ammerlaan. At the end of the afternoon everyone went to ‘Het Noorden’ for some drinks and dinner. A very nice day, with high geothermal potential.

Thanks for attending the DAP Symposium

Thanks to all participants, speakers and sponsors for making the DAP Symposium 2017 a succes! View the opening of the Symposium by Rector Magnificus Karel Luyben here. Pictures and some of the slides will be available on the site soon. We hope to see you all in two years for the next DAP Symposium!

If you are an AES student and would like to organise the next DAP symposium then email us at

More info is to be released on

DAP Symposium 2017: web site has been launched

We are happy to present the new web site, which provides visitor, company and contributor with all the relevant information concerning DAP Symposium 2017.

DAP Symposium 2017: Date has been changed

Contrary to previous announcements, the DAP Symposium 2017 will take place on March 15, 2017 at the Mekelzaal in Delft.

More info is to be released on

DAP Symposium 2017

SURFACING VALUE Unveiling business opportunities for geothermal energy.

We are happy to announce this year’s edition of the DAP Symposium will take place on February 16, 2017 at the Mekelzaal in Delft.

The symposium will aim to unveil the market potential of geothermal energy to investors and to the energy industry and on the other hand the opportunities corporate involvement will offer for developers and energy providers. The main focus of the symposium is to make investors aware of the potential of geothermal energy and initiate a solid foundation on which geothermal energy can compete in today’s market.

More info is to be released on

DAP Seminar

In cooperation with prof. David Bruhn, DAP would like to invite you for their next seminar on Wednesday the 29th of June
This time, CEO of Magma Energy Italia Fausto Batini will give a presentation about:
“Sustainablility of the geothermal development” 
Please find here the abstract of the lecture, as well as Fausto’s CV:
The seminar will be held at the TU Delft, Faculty CitG – room F and starts at 16:00