DAP Board

The composition of the board of Stichting DAP is as follows:

  • M.P. Woning  – Chairman
  • D.R. Schotman – Secretary
  • S.R.K. Vos – Treasurer
  • S.A. Akkermans – External affairs
  •        P.J. Vardon – Theme leader TU Delft

Phil Vardon leads the department theme in Geothermal Science and Engineering at the TU Delft. Mike Woning works at Deltares and is an alumnus of the study Applied Earth Sciences at the TU Delft. Bas Vos works at Boskalis and is also an alumnus of the study Applied Earth Sciences. Dunya Schotman is bachelor student in Applied Earth Sciences and Sjoerd Akkermans a master student Geo-energy, both at the TU Delft.